Wheat Berry Bread

Instead of making our go-to whole wheat bread in our bread machine this week I made bread using wheat berries and the barley flour from our Farm Share.  I also added a scoop of granola I made a while ago halfway through the kneading cycle to give it some extra texture.

I just had some toasted and drizzled with honey for breakfast.  Delicious!

I feel sort of like I'm cheating by using a bread maker; I by no means employ the patience or skill required when making a homemade loaf of bread.  If you want to try making your own bread, this recipe looked like a good one to follow.

And, for future reference, when using barley flour you can use it in any recipe that calls for whole wheat flour.  Simply half the amount of whole wheat called for and replace with the barley flour, using the whole wheat flour for the other half.

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