"Green Salads" Label

Greens are so good for you!  And we really enjoy eating what we receive in our Farm Share; but let's be honest, we all need a little variety in our lives--and diet--which can be tricky when every week we get at least one large head of lettuce in addition to a couple other varieties of greens.  Because we eat a lot of salads, I'm now including a "Green Salads" label on applicable blog posts, which encompasses all the cold green salads we eat.  Hopefully the easy access to different salad ideas will spark some variety in your meals if you find yourself needing to eat lots of greens, too!


  1. Hi. I'm overwhelmed by the salad greens we keep getting (not as big of a salad eater are you appear to be). I also have found the lettuce to be on the bitter side. Have you ever cooked lettuce? I've heard it could be done, but I'm scared. :-)

  2. Kyan,

    We have grilled bok choy (which was delicious), and I also know romaine is good grilled. I've never tried cooking the green or red leaf lettuces. With the braising greens we got this week (I was confused--I thought they were mesclun greens until I opened the bag) I'm going to cook them with onion and sausage and throw them in a quiche tomorrow...will keep you posted!

    Throwing fruit in salad might be a good offset if your lettuces are a tad bitter (like mandarin oranges, strawberries, and blackberries) with a poppy seed dressing and chicken? Just a thought!