4/28 Farm Share Arrival

First of all, I totally jumped the gun when I raved about Spring weather in Boston a couple weeks ago.  Since then it has been cold and rainy--so dreary for late April!  Spring?  Yeah right!  This bone-chilling weather might explain why I felt somewhat comforted to see kale and potatoes in our recent Farm Share box.  My mind and body were getting confused receiving summery produce in the dead of Winter weather!  (Okay, so I might be exaggerating a tad--but I'm still not used to, nor a fan of, the looong progression from Winter to Spring experienced by New Englanders.)

This week's box was great: another box of strawberries, more radishes, green beans (yay!), blue kale, a bag of baby spinach, four large sweet potatoes, and 2 zucchini.  

I want to let you know that I will probably be dropping off the face of my little blogging world for the next couple weeks.  Just today I had my last day of classes for the semester and now I'm gearing up for finals starting next week.  I plan to exercise some restraint and stay out of the kitchen the next couple weeks so I can focus on exams.  So, while I won't be posting many recipes for the short term, I hope to make up for lost time and post lots of good, perhaps more creative recipes thereafter.  This summer will be all about taking time to enjoy the simple things that we don't always get to during the school year!

Until next time, happy (healthy) eating!

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