Another Dinner, Another Yummy Salad

Tonight I ate solo, and threw together a super quick and satisfying salad.

I used the rest of the green leaf lettuce from last week's Farm Share, topped it with: Mediterranean curry-flavored couscous (5 minute cook time), pulled chicken (leftover from the rotisserie chicken we bought at Whole Foods the other night), sliced avocado, and sliced carrots from our Farm Share.  I then took a little plain yogurt and whisked in garlic-infused golden balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper.  Voilá!  A really quick but delicious salad with a totally different flavor (but using some of the same ingredients) as salads I've posted in the past.

To infuse vinegar, simply throw a couple basil leaves and clove(s) of garlic into a bottle of vinegar.  We used golden balsamic vinegar--it took about a day or two for the flavors to settle in, and it's been good ever since!

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