Spicy Kale and Turnip Greens

To compliment the goods from a recent cookout (which involves my husband smoking meat), we sautéed Farm Share blue kale and turnip greens in bacon and threw in cayenne to kick it up a notch.

To incorporate the fat (and flavor) from the bacon yet still cook the greens through, we first browned bacon in our dutch oven pan.  Then we threw in our greens, and after a few minutes of sautéing, added water (about 1/2 c.) to continue cooking the greens by braising them.  A little ground black pepper and cayenne packed a punch.  The only thing I would add is garlic, which simply slipped my mind as we threw this together.  The process of cooking greens with bacon reminds me of the how my grandma used cooked green beans: chunks of pig fat cooked into a big pot of freshly-picked green beans from their farm.  So good!

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