5/12 Farm Share Arrival

Last Wednesday we received our second-to-last box of the Winter Farm Share.  Enterprise Farm distributes Farm Share boxes by season: Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall.    The Summer/Fall share is otherwise known as the "Local" share because it is supplied mostly, if not all, by MA-area farms; whereas the Winter/Spring share is known as the "East Coast" share because farms in the South (GA, NC, SC, etc.) partner with Enterprise to supply produce that otherwise would not be available in MA due to the shorter growing period here.  We will have a hiatus from our weekly deliveries for a couple weeks (we don't receive a box the last week in May and we'll be gone the first week in June), but I look forward to sharing what great produce we receive over the Summer.  What am I most looking forward to?  Tomatoes!

Last week we received carrots, grape tomatoes, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, cucumber, red leaf lettuce, beets, an onion, and fiddleheads (see below).

I have never cooked or even seen fiddleheads before, which are apparently a New England delicacy.  I'm going to try to cook them up this week, so we'll see how it goes!

We pick up our share for this week tomorrow, so I'll be posting what we receive then very soon!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and/or gain some inspiration from recipes we've enjoyed over the last couple weeks.

Happy (healthy) eating!

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  1. How did you like the fiddleheads? I had never seen or heard of them before and thought they were fantastic!