Nashville Farm Share

Very good friends of ours in Nashville signed up for a TN Farm Share, which is so exciting!  I asked them to pass along some photos, because I wanted to share what a Farm Share in a different part of the country might include.

Isn't this great!?  Looks like they received bok choy, spinach, red leaf lettuce, vidalia onions, some sort of herb, meat (!), eggs (!), and a gorgeous crate of strawberries.  E, correct me if I'm wrong guessing what items you received.

The good news is, following the devastating flooding in Nashville, the farm that supplies their produce fared relatively well and didn't lose crops.  The bad news was they lost most of their chickens (so sad!), so eggs may have been an introductory treat.

I hope you enjoy seeing a different farm's share!


  1. Want photos of a KS farmshare? Though I should mention that we have separate farmshares for veggies and meat. And we always buy farm fresh local (glass bottle) milk directly at our grocery.