3/17 Farm Share Arrival

Welcome Home!

After being out of town for several days I was welcomed home by another week's Farm Share.  Look for updates this week on how we plan to catch up on 2 weeks at produce (!!), which so far includes sweet potato gnocchi and a grilled shrimp satay with bok choy.

This week we received: carrots, yellow apples, grapefruit, a huge turnip, yellow squash, potatoes, kale, green leaf lettuce, and baby arugula.


  1. Hi Taya! I enjoy reading about your food adventures! We too eat a lot of locally grown food- especially in the summer. Let me know what you do with that turnip!

  2. Hey Taylor! Hope you are doing well, I've enjoyed following your blog, too! We used that gargantuan turnip in our vegetable curry this week, turned out great. Thanks for reading!