"Irregular" Carrots

One interesting thing I learned about the food industry within the last year is how a good amount of produce doesn't make it to the supermarket because it is "irregular."  A friend told me about a market in Boston where you can go pick up  the rejected produce at a great price, something I look forward to doing when the school year winds down (and weather gets better).

Anyway, tonight was another reminder of why I love our Farm Share: we sometimes get crazy looking produce like this:

I love it!  Think about it: when was the last time you didn't see perfectly conical carrots in the supermarket?

(And the best part is, our Farm Share carrots are delicious!  I've never been so eager to eat raw carrots; I don't even peel them--maybe that's weird--but I just give them a good scrub and chomp away, they are so flavorful.)

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