6/30 Farm Share Arrival

It has been AGES since I last blogged.  This summer has been one event after another...from out of town trips to hosting guests to juggling two internships to...finding out we have to move.  For those of you familiar with the Boston housing search, it is all consuming and frustrating.  But, after a couple months of looking (literally), we signed a lease today.  Back to normal life (except for that whole packing up and moving thing).  We hope we can continue our Farm Share membership in our new location--we're going to a completely different part of the city--so stay tuned to see if this might be the last season of the blog.  I would be sad!

Anyway, on to what is really important, our produce!

Here is the Farm Share from JUNE 30 (I know, almost a month later).  I have been really bad at taking pictures of our box lately, but I promise I'll try to get better!  I think one of the most interesting parts of being a Farm Share member is finding out what you get every week!

June 30 we received a head of red leaf lettuce, a bag of garlic scapes, 2 beets, kale, 2 cucumber, 3 summer squash and 2 zucchini, some russet potatoes and a huge head of cabbage.

Happy (healthy) eating!


  1. Yuck! I was hoping you weren't going to have to move in the end. Glad it is working out though. Guess what we got from our farmshare last week? Local honey and eggs! It was a nice change from all the veggies and fruit. We love them, but we've got so much of our own garden veggies now it was good to get something else that we don't have!

  2. Erin, you are so good at being up to date on everything! Ya, we're moving--we need to fill everyone in on the news. On another note, local honey and eggs is a WONDERFUL thing to receive in a Farm Share! A little jealous :)