8/18 Farm Share Arrival

I am WAY behind on posting and I apologize that the next several posts will be retrospective updates.  My husband and I, after a busy summer of weddings and out of town trips, unexpectedly found out we had to move.  Apartment searching consumed all free time; which meant blog posting and recipe-searching was somewhat put on hold.  We are now settled into a new apartment, and I finally have some semblance of a regular schedule and have just this week gotten back to some cooking!  In the next couple weeks I will update the blog more, but I'm also winding things down on the blog permanently, I think.  More to come on that later.  On to the point of the blog, the Farm Share.

This Farm Share arrival dates back to mid-August.

In this week's share, we received three Japanese eggplant, two green bell peppers, three tomatoes, two lemon cucumbers, a huge bag of green beans, a cantaloupe, collard greens, and an avocado.

I hope you've enjoyed several weeks of happy (healthy) eating!


  1. Oooo! Those eggplant are so pretty! We've been getting a lot of sugar pumpkins and butternut squash lately. I made a fantastic pumpkin cheesecake and I'm thinking of making a couple more and freezing them to save for Christmas. I love it when you keep these records of your recipes. I hope I have the energy to do the same some year. This year, we're doing good just to get things used before they go bad.

  2. Erin, I'm soon going to post a butternut squash recipe I tried this week. If you have a way of peeling it that reduces the threat of severing off a hand or finger, I would appreciate the tip. I love butternut squash, but I fear for my safety every time I prepare it :)

    And I won't protest your idea to freeze the pumpkin cheesecakes if you bring one to Memphis!